Mauritius Independence Day – Cocktail

It was Mauritian independence day last weekend (12th March) and being 50% Mauritian, Rumming has a large selection of Mauritian rums with which to mark the occasion.

Having also developed an obsession for daiquiris, in between the sipping I also wanted to experiment with our new Pink Pigeon rum in a spiced daiquiri.

I took inspiration from Wicked Dolphin’s recipe page and set about making a spiced banana daiquiri:

Makes 1:

Double shot of Pink Pigeon spiced rum

Single shot of banana syrup*

Single shot of lime juice

Shake with ice and strain (there’ll be lots of mushy banana otherwise!)

*Banana syrup:

Heat equal parts of white sugar and water, add a sliced banana and let it all infuse. I wanted my daiquiri straight away (naturally) and even after 10 minutes of cooking, the flavour came through nicely in the cocktail.

Given that I was using a fairly sweet rum to start with, I think the shot of lime juice offset the additional sweetness coming from the banana sugar syrup. As in the Wicked Dolphin recipe, a dash of bitters could be added if required though.

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