Penny Blue VSOP – Single Estate Mauritian Rum

Penny Blue VSOP is Medine Distillery’s first VSOP release. Made from the finest Single Estate sugar cane, VSOP is aged in ex Cognac, Bourbon and Whisky barrels before being blended by Master Distiller Jean-Francois Koenig and Doug McIvor from Berry Bros & Rudd.

The VSOP retains the characteristic complexity of Penny Blue rums, but is more approachable than the award winning Penny Blue XO and Single Cask releases. Fruity and complex, VSOP can be enjoyed neat or as part of rum cocktails.

Penny Blue VSOP proposition

Rum category Softer in style and more accessible with some of the
complexity from Penny Blue XO retained
Liquid Content: 75% ex cognac, 15% bourbon,10% whisky
Age: 5-7 y/o (VSOP Rums in Mauritius are aged for a
minimum of 4 years, the first bottling contains rums
from 5 years)
ABV: 40%
Notes: Sweet and enticing with hints of glazed fruits,
cedar-wood, chicory root and spices
Drinks style Neat or as the base for a rum cocktails
Production Column Still
RRP 70cl UK: £24, €33
Markets Mauritius, UK
Launch timing Mauritius May 2016, UK March 2017

Some cocktails inspiration:


50ml Penny Blue VSOP
2 Dashes Angostura
5ml Sugar syrup
10 ml Coconut Water
Garnish – Coconut Shard


Mix Sugar syrup and angostura and stir. Add ice
and stir again. Gradually add VSOP and more ice
until the VSOP is used up. Top with ice and
coconut water.


The Governor

60ml Penny Blue VSOP
15ml Dolin White Vermouth
5ml Cointreau
2.5ml Maraschino Liqueur
Garnish – Maraschino Cherry

Combine all ingredients; shake and strain.






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