Martinique photoblog: Habitation Clément

The habitation and classic Creole-style architecture, which features on the brand’s labelling
The former distillery is now a museum
But some of the rhum is still aged on site. The smell of raisins, caramel and sugar cane hangs in the air
Homère Clément, said to be the founder of agricole rhum
The plates inside a Creole column still
The visit also includes a walk around the extensive grounds and sculptures
And naturally ends with a tasting – the full range of fruit punches, and all the rhums


Full visit info is here, but in brief, it’s 12€ admission which covers everything onsite and a self-operated audioguide (English available).

Located in St François, Martinique.

Takes around 2 hours, picnic area onsite.

Full range of rhums available in the shop that may not be widely available in supermarkets.

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