RumBot – Rumming Chat Bot

Find your rum event around the rum world in 2018 and more*! Get in touch with us if you want us to add your event to the RumBot*!

What do I use RumBot for?
For now, it is only able to give a list of events that it has in its database. More rum related stuff (e.g rum facts, rum history, etc…) will be added in the near future* to the RumBot!

How do I use the RumBot?
It’s pretty simple! You can try any of the following sentence constructs: Rumfest in London, Rum fest in April, Rum fest in the USA or Rumfest in June.

Developed by Rumming Agency

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*Work in progress and on a trial period. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the results.

* Currently only contains rum events information