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Rum Cocktails – Rum is much more than rum and coke! So much more!

Rum Cocktails – Rum is much more than rum and coke! So much more!

Our love of rum cocktails keeps on growing as we learn more about rum, and more great rums we try. As rummers, we like to have rum cocktails as an end of the week treat. That said, we are not going to lie, and say that we don’t have a cheeky mid-week one, once in a while. On these occasions, we tend to leave this off our personal Facebook! To our defence, this is all part of our dedication to the rum spirit, as bloggers and rum enthusiasts!

Whenever alcohol is concerned, it is always advised to drink in moderation, liver replacements do not come cheap these days!

Even rum is not as popular as it should be, despite a ridiculous variety of good rums available. One great thing about rum is that it is a very versatile base spirit. Without being a mixologist, the large option that rum gives us means that we can quite easily create a take on a rum cocktail.

A simple example would be making use of a rum from a specific country. One of ours is the ‘Dodo Daiquiri’, which uses any white rum from Mauritius. For a truly authentic experience, made with Mauritian limes and sugar syrup, but that was something that we could only experience while on the island, which we highly recommend you to visit if you haven’t already.

As you may or may not know, there are large numbers of regions/countries from various parts of the world that produce rum. We were pleasantly surprised to find out how diverse rum production is.

There are rum distilleries on small islands such as Mauritius, Fiji, St Lucia and Martinique, to countries such as India, Japan, USA (which includes a number of rum producing states such as Florida, Massachusetts and Hawaii), Australia and Portugal! You can find a quite comprehensive list of rum ‘producing’ countries, on the Ministry of Rum site.

In case you are struggling, and want a few rum suggestions, check out our #RumOfTheDay tweets. To make this a bit different, we are doing a quick run through of the rum styles, rather than the actual rum brands. This way you can pick your preferred rum from one of the styles, rather than us telling you which rum to choose.

If you haven’t seen our previous ‘Rumming 123’ Rum Styles blog, check it out if you want to get a quick overview of the various rum styles covered below. On that note, just because we have listed a particular cocktail under a specific style, does not mean that you cannot try to make the same cocktail with a different style of rum.

We like to mix it up with either a Spanish-style or French-style rum, when it comes to a Daiquiri. Both rum styles work really well, and are quite different!

Jamaican-style rum cocktail – Jamaican Rum Punch   rum-punch-s
Navy-style rum cocktail – Pusser’s Painkiller® pusser's-painkiller-s
English-style rum cocktail – Demerara Swizzle Demerara-Swizzle-s
Spanish/Cuban/Puerto-style rum cocktail – Daiquiri daiquiri-s
American-style rum cocktail – Mai tai mai-tai-s
South Pacific-style rum cocktail – Rob Roy (replace Whiskey with rum) rob-roy-s
French style rum cocktail – Ti punch ti-punch-s-2

We hope this gives you a better idea of the options you have with rum.

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Until next time, keep rumming!

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