Marie-Galante Photoblog

The island of Marie-Galante forms part of the Guadeloupe archipelago. For an island that’s only about 20km long, it produces an awful lot of rhum. And rhum at 59% as standard. There’s three distilleries: Bielle, Poisson (also known as Père Labat) and Bellevue. They’re all open in the morning only so for a day trip there’s a lot to cram in before lunch!

The entrance to the Père Labat distillery
A view of the distillery
It’s one of the few distilleries where you can see the fire and feel the heat of the bagasse being burned to fuel the plant.
They have large barrels for resting and smaller barrels for the aged rhums.
The tasting bar at Père Labat

A five minute drive away is the Bielle distillery:

Velier’s pot still for the Rhum Rhum bottling made at the Bielle distillery
Bielle’s column still
The ageing ‘cellars’ at Bielle
The tasting bar at Bielle

And five minutes further on from Bielle, you arrive at the Bellevue distillery:

The old Bellevue distillery is definitely the most photogenic on the island
The new facility was backed with EU funding in the early 2000s and it now has a much more industrial feel to it
It’s forbidden to make your own rhum yourself. You don’t need to when they make it so good and so cheap on Marie-Galante!

And after you’ve been to the distilleries? Marie-Galante’s beaches should be your afternoon activity.

Plage de la Feuillère practically empty on a weekday afternoon
The brightest turquoise sea

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