Martinique photoblog: Distillerie JM

The distillery is in the lush north of the island, at the foot of the Mont Pelée volcano
The terroir: fertile, volcanic soil, rainfall and water from near the source
Pressing the sugar cane
Filling up the fermenting vat with the fresh sugar cane juice
After 24 hours, the vats look like this – fermentation complete
The Creole column still does its work
Fresh off the stills – 72% abv.
The master distiller, Nazaire Canatous, and our guide Aurélie
A display of different aged barrels
The distillery does its own cooperage
And the barrels are stored to mature the rhum

The JM distillery is well set up for visitors and was one of the most informative rhum tours on the island. We were lucky enough to have a private tour with Aurélie that allowed us into the master distiller’s lab, but nowhere else is out of bounds for the general tour, including close-ups of the open fermentation that isn’t commonplace at the other distilleries we visited. It’s free and comes highly recommended.

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