Celebrate National Rum Day on 16th August with Angostura

Celebrate National Rum Day on 16th August with Angostura® by trying your
hand at their signature cocktail, the Queen’s Park Swizzle

Ahoy rum fans! It’s that time of year again – National Rum Day fast approaches, taking place on Thursday 16th August. As the world gears up to celebrate its favourite Caribbean grog, Angostura® has developed some handy tips and home recipes so you can impress your friends when you throw your next BBQ. Why not start with Angostura’s signature cocktail, the Queen’s Park Swizzle, a tall and refreshing rum concoction with a kick that is the unofficial national drink of Trinidad and Tobago, the home of Angostura®. All you’ll need is a tall glass, some Angostura® 7yo, and a good swizzling device as the key to this cocktail is all in the motion.

The roots of the Swizzle go back 100 years to the roaring 20s of Trinidad and Tobago, where it was created at the infamous Queen’s Park Hotel, a bustling tropical hangout of the colonial era. By the 40s the popularity of the Queen’s Park Swizzle had spread worldwide, with the Trader Vic’s Book of Food and Drink declaring it “the most delightful form of anaesthesia given out today.”

In a highball glass, muddle fresh mint leaves in lime juice and simple syrup. Fill the glass with crushed ice. Pour Angostura® 7yo over the crushed ice. Insert the swizzle stick and twirl it back and forth by rubbing the handle between your palms, evenly chilling and diluting the ingredients and dispensing the mint. Add more crushed ice, and don’t forget a healthy dose of Trinidad’s most famous import, Angostura® aromatic bitters. Grab a straw and enjoy in the sunshine.

Rather head out? Angostura® have teamed up with Cottons Rum Shack & Restaurant at their Camden and Shoreditch sites from 13 – 19th August to celebrate National Rum Day. You can enjoy the Queen’s Park Swizzle alongside a delicious menu including Angostura bitters battered cod, with cassava fries and pineapple rum tartar sauce to start with, oven baked seabass served with cassava wedges with Angostura coconut rum sauce as a main, and cassava pone with vanilla & Angostura cream sauce for dessert. Not to be missed!



How to make the Queen’s Park Swizzle: https://vimeo.com/272995272/60707614bd

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